We service and repair vacuum cleaners, clocks, and sewing machines.

Vacuum Cleaner repair is our main field. If you are having trouble with your vacuum just bring it in and we will take a look at it. We give free estimates. Chances are good that a general service will fix it. In a general service we take apart the vacuum cleaner completely and clean everything, including the motor on certain products. We then oil the bearings, the wheels, and any joint that needs it. If there are any broken parts, or parts that need to be replaced, we will let you know before replacing it. As we put it back together again we will put in a new belt, (if it takes belts). The price of the service depends on the brand of the vacuum cleaner, how dirty it is, and when the last time was when you had it serviced. If we do not have to special order any parts, then your vacuum cleaner is usually ready in one or two business days. we guarantee our work for 30 days parts and labor. If you have a vacuum cleaner you would like to bring in for a service, for our health please take out the bag (if it has anything in it). If your vacuum cleaner is a bagless vacuum cleaner, please dump out the can before bringing it in.

Like the vacuum cleaners, sewing machine problems usually can be fixed with a general service. in a general service we completely clean the sewing machine and then oil it. A general service comes with a 30 day guarantee parts and labor. Sometimes however the old oils and grease will get old and build up which causes parts in the sewing machine to get jammed, in that case it might need a full service. in a full service we go deeper and remove all the old oils and grease and then we re-oil it. A full service on sewing machines are guaranteed for a year parts and labor. We have a Sewing machine guy named Tom who comes in every Thursday to repair the sewing machines.

Clocks and will be brought over and repaired at the valley clock shop in El Cajon. Our friend there, Kirk, has been working on them since he was young, and is very skilled. His shop has been family owned since his father started it in the 1970s. If you have a big grandfather or grandmother clock, we will need to schedule a house call.