We sell a variety of Vacuum cleaners and Sewing machines.

Vacuum cleaners is our main stock. We have budget vacuum cleaners, like Hoovers and Bissells, to high end vacuum cleaners like Dyson, Shark, and Riccars. We also sell really high end vacuum cleaners like Tristar and the famous Kirby, Just to name a few. All vacuum cleaners have been completely rebuild from the ground up. They come with brand new filters and belts, if they take them. We warranted them for a year parts and labor, two years if it is a motor related problem. We recently got a whole bunch of really nice Kirbys in like-new condition, and we are selling them for under $1000. If you need a new vacuum cleaner just come in and we will help you find the perfect vacuum cleaner for your needs and your budget.

Our sewing machines, like the vacuum cleaners, have been fully services and have a standard 1 year warranty. If you have never sewed before, we will give you the basics steps on how to operate a sewing machine free of charge.

We also sell lots of vacuum cleaner parts like belts, brushrolls, bags, filters…. ect. If you need a vacuum part but you do not know exactly what part you need; it would be helpful if you bring in the vacuum cleaner it self so we know the make and model.  We also sell sewing machine parts like needles.

Another cool product we sell are cleaning supplies like carpet shampoo and a cleaning agent called “a clear choice.” A clear choice is an all natural cleaning agent in a spray bottle. We use it to clean almost everything, like the vacuum cleaners we service, the floor, our cars, things like that. But the one thing that it  is really good at is getting that tough stains on  the carpet or your clothing.

We sell good quality wolverine work boots on the side for $139.